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About Us

Rely On Remo

For Quality And Service

-Client satisfaction comes first, always.

-We possess a Class A builder's license #2705123673.

-We are a locally-owned and operated company and have been in business for over 12 years.

-Remo Contractors LLC is short for Remodeling Contractors as the basis of the company's origin.

-Our team is comprised of a team of well-trained and courteous professionals and the owner who is a second-generation builder.

-Our Plumbers and Electricians are licensed and insured in their trades.

-We cover a wide range of residential, commercial, improvement and new construction services, with over 17 years of experience.

-Each service is performed by well-trained professionals specifically trained for the task being carried out; this guarantees professional results with every service we provide.

-We offer design services for more complex services such as basements, decks, large baths, kitchens, and load-bearing work.

-Our project management, materials logistics, and comprehensive estimating process is streamlined and helps clients stay on budget, on time, and well-informed.

-We can provide any brand, our clients desire, from our vendors at cost; as a result, we can provide higher quality products, at the clients' request, at no extra mark-up. 

-Take advantage of our bundle packages, by combining  a variety of services you may need, which can help you save money.

-Use our services again in the future to receive our returning customer discounts; this is only a few of many incentives we have, to give back to our clients, for gratitude for their business and support.

-We are rated as one of the best remodeling companies through various lead generating companies.

-We have a 100% repeat-rate from clients requesting more services.

-Most of our business comes through word-of-mouth and other types of advertising.

-Clients entrust their projects and homes to us, in full faith, even while on vacation at times.

- It goes without saying that you can always rely on Remo for exceptional quality, excellent service and great rates.  Rest assured that by choosing Remo, you are always guaranteed a professional and pleasant experience.  Do not take our word for it, experience it for yourself and let our team of well-trained and courteous professionals provide you with the quality and service you, your home, or place of business deserves.

About The Owner

-Family, God and Country come first, hence our logo's colors, we wouldn’t be anywhere without either one.  My wife and princess are even more beautiful on the inside, they are my life.

-As young as eight years old, I loved building things. I would spend hours building with Legos, toothpicks or tree houses-which pretty much destroyed our old apple tree in Vienna, VA (nails).  I loved taking apart old electronics to see how they worked.

-My role models were a builder and an architect, which I worked with for many years and where I learned most of my trades.  They believed in, "do it right or get out," which is why I am such a perfectionist now in my own business.

-I have 17 years of total experience behind me.  I am fully proficient in most trades, building codes, and design. I am also proficient in project management, business administration, budgeting, and paperwork, which is the backbone of any business.

-Clients would say I am a perfectionist, energetic, nice, positive, honest, outgoing, easy to get along with, very hardworking, very knowledgeable, a man of my word, a people-pleaser, and appreciative.

-I find it funny when clients speak Spanish to me, sentences at times, before I can inform them I am not Spanish.  I would love to learn the language someday, so keep speaking it to me!

-I love what I do, I am very good at it, and it is evident with every project my staff and I complete.

-The hardest part of my job is 1: Informing clients they wasted money, thousands at times, on shoddy workers and 2:  Working long hours, on estimates and designs, to be beaten by low-ballers who do shoddy work and give us good, small-business contractors a bad name.

-I have a, "do what you say and say what you do," mentality. I love to educate my clients and staff, so they know we perform top-notch work.  I believe God is always watching, when no one else is, so do things right even when no one is watching.

-I always enjoy getting to know new clients and catching up with former ones.  I look forward to knowing more about you and working with you.

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